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Polko Cozy Knitted Baby Booties

Polko Cozy Knitted Baby Booties

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Brand: Polko

These are our Cozy & Sustainable Baby Booties 

Knitted Baby Slippers for Newborns and Infants - Hypoallergenic, Thermic, Silky, and Dye-Free

Wrap your little one's feet in pure comfort with our Knitted Baby Slippers, made from the finest 100% natural baby alpaca wool. These booties are specially designed for newborns and infants, providing ultimate warmth and luxury.


1. Hypoallergenic: Crafted from 100% baby alpaca wool without any lanolin, our booties are perfect for babies with sensitive skin. Say goodbye to irritations and keep your baby's feet cozy and protected.

2. Thermic and Breathable: Baby alpaca wool is nature's own insulator. It is seven times warmer than sheep's wool while remaining lightweight and breathable. Your baby's feet will stay comfortably warm in any weather.

3. Natural Water Repellent and Dye-Free: Our booties are naturally water repellent, making them perfect for keeping little feet dry and cozy. We believe in preserving the purity of baby alpaca wool, so our booties come in their natural colors without any dyes.

4. Silky and Gentle: The softness of baby alpaca wool is unmatched. Our booties are incredibly silky, ensuring your baby's delicate skin remains free from any discomfort. No more worries about prickly wool rubbing against their feet.

5. Sustainable and Luxurious: Baby alpaca wool is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. It is as luxurious as cashmere but even softer and stronger. Despite its lightweight feel, it provides exceptional warmth, making it an ideal material for baby booties. The fibers are also highly durable, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Indulge your little one's feet in the utmost comfort and luxury with our Knitted Baby Slippers. Experience the natural warmth, softness, and eco-friendliness of baby alpaca wool. Give your baby the gift of superior quality and style from Polko.

(Note: The age range specified is intended as a guideline for newborns up to 4 months, with a foot length of approximately 3 1/2 inches. Please refer to the size chart for accurate measurements.)

Add these beautiful booties to your baby's wardrobe and experience the joy of watching them explore the world in complete comfort and style.

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