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Polko Soft Baby Alpaca Wool Bonnet

Polko Soft Baby Alpaca Wool Bonnet

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Polko Soft & Sustainable Baby Alpaca Wool Bonnet

Delicate Vintage Charm: Adorable Handcrafted Baby Alpaca Wool Infant Bonnet, Perfect for Your Precious Newborn! Crafted from 100% Natural Baby Alpaca Wool, this Knitted Baby Bonnet is a Treasure of Softness and Serenity. Hypoallergenic and Dye-Free, it Embraces Your Baby's Delicate Skin with the Gentlest Touch. A Heartfelt Gift for Your Little One, Infused with Love and Skill by Andean Women. These Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Baby Bonnets not only Warm Your Baby's Head but also Weave Threads of Empowerment for Artisans in Andean Communities. Bestow Your Baby with Comfort, Style, and a Positive Change!

Hypoallergenic Haven: Free from lanolin, our 100% baby alpaca wool offers unmatched comfort. Ensuring snug warmth for even the most sensitive skin.

Thermal Embrace: Surpassing sheep’s wool, baby alpaca wool is 7 times warmer while remaining lightweight and breathable, cocooning your baby's head in coziness.

Nature's Guardian: Our bonnet boasts natural water repellency and elegant, undyed colors. Gentle on the environment and your baby's delicate senses.

Unrivalled Softness: Silky and tender, our bonnet cradles your baby's head in pure luxury. Say goodbye to any worries of prickly discomfort.

Sustainability's Touch: Baby alpaca wool, as lustrous as cashmere and softer, stands as a symbol of natural luxury. Lighter, warmer, and more durable than sheep’s wool, it embodies sustainability at its finest.


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